What Do Saved Single Women Want??

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1. Can women and men be friends? Why? Why not?

2. What do "boundaries" in dating mean?

3. What do you want in a husband?

4. What bad habits are you willing to live with in your mate?

5. How do you maintain faith while waiting for the right mate?

6. What would you like a Saved Single Man to know and understand about a Saved Single Woman?


What Do Saved Single MEN Think??

MEN...Please take advantage of an opportunity to share your thoughts about Saved Single Women.
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Tell Saved Single Women What You Think...Please


1. Can men and women be friends? Why? Why Not?

2. What do you want in a wife?

3. There are no perfect people, so what bad habits can you live with?

4. What does "boundaries in dating" mean to you?

5. Do you truly seek God for guidance on finding your wife or do you follow your own fleshly guidance?

6. What makes you open up more to a woman you are interested in or want to take the relationship to the next level?